camberwell now – all’s well


Camberwell Now – All’s Well (1992)

Camberwell Now - All's Well


The Camberwell Now were led by Charles Hayward, the drumminng/vocalist mastermind behind This Heat, and was the band that he formed immediately after This Heat broke up. They were released an album and 2 EPs in their lifetime, and this includes all of them plus a track from a sampler. Their sound was very informed by the This Heat esthetic, with more creative usages of drones than before and some incredible basswork. While they didn’t always quite achieve This Heat’s greatness (on the album they came damn close, while the EPs are spottier), like This Heat they were far too short lived. If you don’t already know/own these, this is highly recommended! “This definitive edition collects the entire released output of Camberwell Now (two EPs and an LP), newly re-mastered by the band and repackaged with full notes, lyrics, additional photographs and artwork. Chronologically, Camberwell Now immediately succeeded This Heat, Charles Hayward continuing to work with This Heat’s last bassist Trefor Goronwy, and the two of them joining forces with Stephen Rickard who, for the new band, designed his unique ‘cassette switchboard’, a kind of proto-sampler – though that’s not the half of it (Steve’s article fully explaining the device is reprinted in the new, expanded booklet that comes with the CD).
Label ReR/DUP
Track List
1. Cutty Sark
2. Pearl Divers
3. Spirit Of Dunkirk
4. Resplash
5. Daddy Needs A Throne
6. Working Nights
7. Sitcom
8. Wheat Futures
9. Speculative Fiction
10. Green Lantern
11. The Ghost Trade
12. Greenfingers
13. Mystery Of The Fence
14. Know How
15. Element Unknown



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  1. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

    • hey thanks! you’ve also got a cool blog. Much love to you, keep it up. And keep coming back, I have just uploaded a new album! All albums are downloadable

  2. great!
    would you happen to have scans of the booklet?


  3. I have the camberwell now LP, but downloaded this package from here because of the EPs (and having it all in one directory.)

    i think camberwell is yes par with This Heat, which is one of the most underestimated english innovative bands.

  4. anna martine

    Really cool blog, thank you so much for your times to share such informativaluable post.

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