los dug dug’s – smog


Los Dug Dug’s – Smog (1972)


Los Dug Dug’s are a mexican rock group which started off in the early sixties as a high school band called Xippos Rock, with members  Armando Nava and  Jorge De La Torre. In 1966 Xippos Rock began a road trip from Durango to Tijuana and half way through the trip, the name was changed to Los Dug Dug’s, an abbreviation of the band’s native city and state. Once the band had arrived at Tijuana they commenced there ascent of Mexican Rock, soon landing a regular gig at Mike’s Bar, where they firmly established their reputation. At this time they also did some gigs across the border in the USA where they picked up the latest sounds to take back to Mexico with them. In this way they brought The Beatles’ music to Mexico, being the first band to play their songs in Mexico. At the same time they became the first band in Mexico to sing their own songs, as well as the songs of other bands in English, thus breaking what had been a rule in Mexican rock up till then.


Track List

1. Smog
2. Buscalo
3. Hagámoslo Ahora
a. Sigueme
b. Dime Que Eres Tu
c. Cortalo
d. Ven, Ven, Ven
e. Hagámoslo Ahora
4. Yo No Se
5. Cual Es Tu Nombre
6. Meditacion
7. No Somos Malos

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  1. Amig@s, les dejo una entrevista con Armando Nava de los Dug Dug’s. Charlamos no solo de esta gran banda y todas las contemporaneas (háblese de Three Soul in My Maind, La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata, Peace and Love, Javier Bátiz, Enigma, etc, también dedicamos una hora para charlar sonbre el festival Rock y Ruedas, Avándaro de 1971. CUIDADO: La Entrevista dura tres horas de pura historia. Aquí el link: http://www.lacloacainternacional.com/2011/02/los-dug-dugs-del-espiritu-de-avandaro.html

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